Ambrose (lustforlike) wrote,

I'm fat, I'm fat, you know it, uh!

This is why I can't take nutrition seriously: today I had McDonalds for brunch (already had breakfast, I'll have a late lunch later on), and I saw the little nutrition info things on the boxes. For the record, I had a spicy chicken burger, medium fries, a coke, and two pineapple pies (they have pineapple pies over here, so awesome!). Here are the totals (not including the coke):

Calories: 1480 (70% of recommended daily intake).
Protein: 51% of recommended daily intake.
Fat: 123% of recommended daily intake.

That last one makes me laugh. Where is all that fat going? Even the calorie intake is pretty ridiculous, and I figured out that the McDonalds packets are using an average of the adult women's and men's recommended intake (2000 calories per day), but even if you give me an allowance of 2200, it still seems a little small. I eat twice that some days.

I know nutritionists are doing their best to figure out how this stuff all works, but it's not all there yet, and those little labels on the back of your food? They're the equivalent of a prescription for bloodletting at the barber's. In rocket science at least the laws of physics are very well known, even if they're not easy. The chemical alphabet soup that is the human body? Good luck, you'll need it.
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