Ambrose (lustforlike) wrote,

The grass is green

Jianmeicao (健美操) is a kind of dance aerobics, and in the past four days I looked at some videos and choreographed a routine for it. Now I have to teach all my workmates the routine - it's easy enough, it should be possible to learn in under a week. Because that's all we have, the show's on Monday. Lovely people these, know how to plan ahead, all that.

The word itself is funny, because although written down it's different, when spoken it's almost an exact homophone for "looking at beautiful grass" (it becomes obvious once you put the missing words in to make a less ambiguous sentence: "kanjian mei de cao"). I also taught myself to make a paper rose - now that's something that will come in handy.

Yoga's getting hard - there are all sorts of things I hadn't thought about before, and keeping everything in mind when practicing asanas is not easy. Still, if it was easy then we'd all be gurus, right?
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