Ambrose (lustforlike) wrote,

Only you know

Not only photos but a video will follow, possibly even soon! Even though it will be a crappy video - not much you can do with a hand-held digital point-and-shoot in noisy and crowded conditions.

What happened on the 30th of December was this: there was this big end-of-year thing for a university, and many of the teachers did performances of one kind or another, and one of the teachers wanted to do two-person yoga with me. We did so, and we did pretty well too. 3rd place out of 17. I don't know who came first, I'll check tomorrow, but I strongly suspect it was the guys making tea with the very pretty calligraphy.

Also possibly perhaps more exciting news, but that can wait until it's actually news, and not just possibly perhaps news.

All in all, a good end to the last and start to this year. I'm looking forward to maybe having free time next month? No, too much to ask for.
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