Ambrose (lustforlike) wrote,

All the words they steal


EDIT, re-edited: unicode error not Great Firewall's fault. I still hate it. Original post, edited to remove single erroneous character, follows:

The Great Firewall of China has officially progressed from a minor annoyance into actually hampering perfectly innocent things I want to do. See, most of the blocks don't bother me - I never used facebook much to begin with, and they've unblocked livejournal and wikipedia. The one that gets me right now is youtube. It would be fine if it was even only youtube, but in practice all similar websites are similarly unavailable or crippled.

Youtube isn't normally a big deal. Video sharing websites are a dime a dozen over here. Tons and tons of them, and without the copyright restrictions youtube has. Fine for watching movies, but utterly crap for searching for stuff I actually want to watch, like belly dancing tutorials. I know there's tons of stuff on youtube on this very subject, but I can't see any of it, and I sure as hell can't search for it on Chinese video sharing websites because I can't write Chinese. Besides, it'd be nice to watch something I didn't have to strain my brain to understand, or is actually a primary source, rather than a Chinese person who studied it and then passed it on (not that there aren't good dancers here, there are many, but is it too much to ask to see belly dancing videos of, say, Egyptians? Turks?). SO MUCH HATE. Can't someone give me a free (of restrictions) line to the outside world, here?
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