Ambrose (lustforlike) wrote,

See my baby walking down the street, I see red, I see red, I see red

The cable (the ever-so-nifty Apple® cable that only Apple manufacture (and because they're the only ones, do it at a rather steep price) because their computers are the only ones with this absolutely brilliant video out port while all the other laptops are stuck in the dark ages with a so-standard-it-hurts VGA out port that almost any monitor can be connected to, I mean what fun is that) that connects my monitor to my laptop has decided that blue and green are optional, and unlike the last couple of weeks, creative positioning of the cable to get whichever wire is loose to unloosen has failed to work.

In other words, my monitor only shows red.

The really interesting thing about this, though, is that the things my brain remembers the colour of are still that colour, so long as I don't think about it too much. Some bits turn invisible, of course, if there's no colour in the red channel, but otherwise, I'm getting the distinctly strange effect of having some shades of red appear as green or even blue.

Just when I think I understand colour. Maybe I should break another cable and see if I can get it to show only blue.
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